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Individual Therapy

At times, our issues appear to be so big that it may feel as if nothing will work. This is the time to call and make an appointment. It often helps to have someone to listen and share in that burden. Therapy can offer a new perspective and new hope as you rediscover your strengths!

Couples Therapy

Many couples experience problems which is very normal in life. There are times when you may feel like communication is struggling and this may be the perfect opportunity to seek counsel. Communication is often an issue for many couples. We work very hard with our clients to help them hear each other in a new way.

Group Therapy

There is a special kind of magic that occurs in a group that is not possible to create in an individual session.  Some of this magic occurs when a person realizes they are not alone.   They begin to build relationships, make connections and find that they have support.

A Word From Gigi Ishaq


My name is Maggie Gigi Ishaq and I am the owner and one of the mental health therapists of this outpatient clinic. I would love to introduce you to our home in Edmonds Washington. Our Licensed Mental Health Therapists have a wide range of talents  and have been in practice upwards of 7-15 years and offer healthy guidance and counsel. Our counseling practice offers you convenient hours in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends too! I invite you to take a look at our website and meet each member of our family under the "About" menu above.

Some Things to Consider

It Is Hard...

...to know when it is time to seek counseling. Many people struggle with making the decision to seek help and support. Sometimes you may feel the need to discuss difficulties, share ideas, or explore a new direction in life. At times, family and friends can help with this part of the journey, however there may be times when you need to sit with someone who may have some skills to help you figure out some private details of your life and overall health that may be hard for you to share with those closest to you.

Therapy Can Be Supportive...

...and sometimes essential for these times in life. Sitting with a compassionate professional may provide just the environment necessary to help you work through some of these emotional issues. Our staff is empathetic and caring in their approach and philosophy. Whether you are dealing with individual, couple, family or health concerns, we can enhance and strengthen your life experience and help you achieve a sense of balance.

Find Healing and Achieve Balance

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” David Richo